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A revolutionary approach to healing chronic illness

Path to wellness, the natural way.

The FM Approach

Functional Medicine practitioners identify factors responsible for any complication unique to the patient’s individual health condition through advanced laboratory testing. This information is used to formulate customized treatment to restore balance and effect a cure by alleviating symptoms, preventing the progress of, or improving the management of chronic conditions.

Our Labs

Heal Wellness is the distributor of Genova Diagnostics (formerly two different names Genova Diagnostics and Metametrix Clinical Laboratory) a global leader in functional laboratory testing. When you want the best in healthcare and diagnostics, look no further than Heal Wellness, India. We put you and your loved ones first, and promise you globally recognized care.

Our System

We use Living Matrix to make our practice and patient interactions comprehensive. Our system allows our patients to record their health history. This gives our practitioners time to do an in depth study of their patient even before first consultation and then be able to focus on areas that require further clarification. 

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"In Functional Medicine we don't treat symptoms. We treat patients."

-Dr. Mark Hyman

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Real people. Real Results.

"It's great to be able to come home from work and play with my kids. Finally My Wife is so happy to have her husband back."
Joseph K. P.

Our Consultants

Dr. Paul G